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The PrimeSites Offer

We offer a service through which clients get a professional, secure, mobile-ready and fast website, produced absolutely free of charge, when you sign-up to an affordable website hosting subscription.

Find out more about the Why, How and What we do, or look at our hosting subscription costs.

The PrimeSites Mission

PrimeSites' mission is to empower entrepreneurs to get greater exposure online and grow their business through quality leads, by presenting their business professionally.

We want to give entrepreneurs an affordable channel through which they can grow their customer base, so they have the  option to choose the best customers to work with.

Giving Back

At PrimeSites we're all about giving entrepreneurs a good deal, but we also believe in paying forward out of our success to those who are less fortunate.

For every entrepreneur that signs-up, we give back by providing a small-business loan to a struggling entrepreneur. More about giving back.

“Almost all businesses can benefit from having a dedicated website to help them promote their business and engage customers or clients.”

Why get a PrimeSites Website

Become a trusted service provider

A website allows you to easily project a professional image which will inspire confidence in your business, brand and service.

Your business represented

Prospective clients are increasingly looking for easy ways to help them make a decision about committing to a product or a services.

Land potential customers

You are able to manage a potential client's experience of your business and brand by allowing them to review your services.

Increase first-time conversions

Providing prospective clients with answers to their initial questions on-line lowers query-calls and increases first-time conversions.

Tax Write-Off

Remember, the costs associated with your business website is a tax write-off.


Target a wider audience

Go beyond the borders of your local newspaper or flier distribution area, marketing to a more widespread customer base.


Always open for business

You're not always able to answers the phone, but your business is being represented on-line 24-7.

“To stand out from the growing number of online businesses, you’ll need to find a way to make yours unique.
This could be a custom-designed website.”

How PrimeSites Is Different

30 Day money back guarantee

Not 100% happy with our service? Claim a no-questions-asked refund within 30 days of purchase.*

No lock-in contracts

If you ever decide to move your website elsewhere, you're able to do so with ease.

Specifically designed for Entrepreneurs

Our websites are tailored to Entrepreneurs providing great exposure for your marketing budget.

No hidden costs

We offer a simple all-inclusive package to our customers with an easy payment structure, providing savings for longer term sign-ups.

Giving Back

For each new client, we provide a loan to a struggling entrepreneur. Learn More.

Website up and running fast

We will have your website up and running within three business days after you sign up.*

Low fees with no up-front costs

We develop your website for free. You just pay for the ongoing maintenance.

“Having an online presence is essential for most businesses.
A website can be a valuable business tool for conducting sales, contacting current and potential customers.”

What Every PrimeSites Website Includes

Your PrimeSites Subscription includes a modern single-page website, much like this one.

Website domain name Domain name registration and renewal is included in your package.

Custom design and logo

If you don't have a brand logo, we'll create a customised design and unique logo for you.

SSL / Security Certificate

Website security with 'https' rather than 'http' via a secure SSL certificate included in your package.

Search Engine Optimisation

Your website is optimised for search engines to improve your search ranking on Google.

Mobile device ready

Designed with responsive layouts that looks great on desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

Web development and hosting

Your website is professionally developed, hosted and secured.
More about our infrastructure.

“One of the real penny-dropping moments for a first time website owner is when they get a sale or even inquiry from a location well outside their normal catchment area.”

Craig Reardon
Smart Company Blogger

Subscription Options

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$160.65 three-monthly
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$491.40 annually
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Still unsure? Start with a monthly plan and then change later once you’re comfortable.

Want to save even more?

Check out the additional discounts you get when you refer your fellow entrepreneurs.

Secure Payments

All Transactions are Secured with 256 bit TLS 1.2 SSL Encryption and DNSSEC.

Norton Secured - Powered by Symantec -
McAfee Secure -

“Improve your website to build your brand and tap into a potential consumer base.”

Refer a Fellow Entrepreneur

Save even More by Referring fellow Entrepreneurs

If you're a PrimeSites Client, we'll give you two months off your Subscription fees for every fellow Entrepreneur you get to sign up with us.

Get a Year's Subscription Free

Get six of your fellow Entrepreneurs to sign up to PrimeSites. Make sure to get a promo code from us for them to use when they sign up.

Your fellow Entrepreneurs get a Discount too

When your fellow Entrepreneurs sign-up with a promo code you've given them, they get a further discount on their first Subscription payment.

“Your website is probably one of the first places prospects go to check you out.”

Allan Dib
The 1-Page Marketing Plan

The importance of a website

What Industry Professionals are Saying

“I can’t think of a single business that wouldn’t benefit from having some kind of online presence.”

Veechi Curtis
Small Business for Dummies

Our Infrastructure and Partners


“Customers will be happy to read things on your website that help them make a decision.”


Giving Back

We believe in sharing our good fortune with those that are less fortunate than us. For every client that signs up, PrimeSites provides a loan to a struggling small business person



PrimeSites partners with to provide micro business loans to struggling entrepreneurs in developing countries.

Every time a new PrimeSites client signs up, we provide a loan via the Kiva network to a fellow entrepreneur looking for an opportunity. Our aim is to provide a good deal to each of our clients. Making these loans to those less fortunate is our way of paying it forward.

These are loans, not donations, so when they are repaid the money can be used again to lend to the next entrepreneur. The funding for the loans are taken from our Subscription fees and comes at no additional cost to our clients.

Loans through Kiva helps entrepreneurs in 80+ countries and 100% of the funding goes to the field. Read more about



Kiva Business Loan

Recent Loan Example

James is 39 years, married with four children, and lives in Ibanda, Uganda. James farms with coffee and dreams of owning a coffee factory in his region, but faces the challenge of fluctuations in coffee prices.

Through, PrimeSites has partnered with dozens of other lenders to provide a loan to James, to give his dream a shot.

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We take our Clients' privacy seriously. User information is handled and stored in a responsible manner. We align ourselves with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which means we don't cut corners. Read about GDPR and read our Privacy Policy.